training analysis

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train·ing a·nal·y·sis

psychoanalytic treatment for the purpose of training of an analytic candidate carried out under the official auspices of a psychoanalytic training institute.
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Heitor mainly dealt with match analysis, training analysis, education in match as well as training analysis and operation of match and training analysis systems.
Literature research: it is an important basis and theoretical foundation for the study of knee joint college football training injury, sports injury, information integration in Jinggangshan University and the Jiangxi Radio&TV University library to find relevant football training analysis and obtain relevant information to support research.
The U-18's will be exposed to game and training analysis, skills and game management and position specifics.
The lab manager should do a post training analysis with both attending.
Contract notice: A Training Analysis Of Causation In The Context Of Inspection And Risk Analysis As Part Of The Assessment
It describes concepts, including what training is and its differences from other professional learning, options for training delivery, issues, the participant, adult learning, and the role of the trainer; the approach, from training analysis, design, and development, to implementation and evaluation; and methods and techniques, with example activities, including icebreakers, lectures, case studies, role-playing, simulations, review activities, and practicum experiences.
It came as ministers pulled out of the controversial bid to provide training analysis for staff working in the country's brutal justice system - a decision welcomed by Labour chief Jeremy Corbyn.
The college came out and did a training analysis with him and then sent three suitable candidates for an interview.
The Tin Can API is a new learning standard, which overcomes shortcomings of previous standards and generates comprehensive user data for better learning and training analysis.
The systematic application of human performance technology (HPT), aligned with Service organizational and capability goals, has the best potential to provide the analytical foundation necessary for rapid training analysis, appropriate implementation and, ultimately, improved operational capabilities for the Services.
This initiated a dialogue between Dr Sachs and several local psychotherapists who met (or nearly met) the IPA's minimum criteria-in terms of personal training analysis, supervised control analyses and theoretical instruction-on what would be required of them before they would become eligible for Direct Membership.
Vehicle and troop tracking systems are increasingly being used during military training events to improve the quality of the training by providing detailed information for real-time and post training analysis.
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