Operation Ranch Hand

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A herbicide-spraying program carried out during the Vietnam conflict between 1962 and 1971 that primarily used Agent Orange, but also Agents Blue, Green, Pink, Purple and White
Exposure effects US servicemen exposed to the Agent Orange have a 50% increase in skin cancer, predominantly BCC. The Vietnamese exposed to the herbicides fared far worse. A meta-anlysis found a 3-fold greater incidence of major birth defects in children born to parents with high levels of exposure to Agent Orange
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Having endured one thousand miles of trail dust, flooded rivers, bushwhackers, stampedes, lightning and other dangers, he is resting on a rock, Bible in hand, as his steady horse stands close at hand.
Then, having at last escaped the alien environment of a grassy meadow, our little desert rat held up two heaping handfuls of Yosemite trail dust, offering one to each of us as a gift.
She began to trail dust and gravel from her hands, pretending that it was food.
Plus, as you walk the 4 miles, you'll arrive five separate times at a picture-perfect lake in a glacial basin with crystalline water to wash off the trail dust.
By some estimates, half of the mangroves and 14% of the hardwood forests were destroyed during Operation Trail Dust, threatening biodiversity and altering vegetation.
The smell of trail dust and pine needles and insect repellent brought him back: the guy in squishy boots, forever wading the shallows in search of trout, oblivious to wet or cold.
You not only smell powder smoke, but also cattle-raised trail dust each time one is picked up.
Mora illustrated many books and authored A Log of the Spanish Main (1933), Trail Dust and Saddle Leather (1946), and his posthumous publication Californios (1949).
Jorge Montoya, head bartender at Trail Dust Steak House, Grapevine, TX,
If you're wearing a necktie, you'd best remove it or a Trail Dust employee will cut part of it off and nail it to the wall with your business card (in exchange for a free drink.
Following the panel discussion, a no-host social and dinner was held at the Trail Dust Steak House.