Trafficked Person

A victim of human trafficking, who is often subjected to physical violence, sexual abuse, psychological trauma, and severe deprivation
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A past New York legislative proposal dealt with this issue by squarely stating: [T]he heads of other state agencies, and local service providers are hereby authorized to provide benefits and services to trafficked persons in the state, without regard to the immigration status of such trafficked persons or the ability or willingness of the trafficked person to participate in the investigation or prosecution of his or her trafficker.
The laws should require doctors to report to the authorities of their country any evidence suggesting that a patient has obtained an organ from a trafficked person abroad, defined to include persons in detention abroad."
Solutions thought to best address this issue are predominantly legal: new legislation, trained law enforcement, victim status for the trafficked person and the creation of improved social services for the victim (who may also be a witness).
The person should be granted a reflection period of not less than three months, possibly longer for children, to enable them to recover and allow the authorities to properly identify them as a trafficked person. Secure housing, counselling, medical and social services and legal advice should be available to them, the experts say.
It is recommended that everyone who potentially comes into contact with trafficked persons (including those who buy their services or the products of their labour), is aware of the human rights aspect of the problem and is able to act or refer a trafficked person to a place where they may receive assistance.
Such trainings should include basic questions to ask if a health provider suspects they have encountered a trafficked person. Additionally, make advanced training on screening available to key staff.
"The law recognises the trafficked person as a victim entitled to human rights.
Last night Amnesty International Northern Ireland's Patrick Corrigan said: "While we welcome this official admission that trafficking is indeed a growing problem in Northern Ireland we must remember that every trafficked person has been a victim of a crime and suffered a gross violation of their human rights."
Nicolaides also noted that according to new legislation passed in 2014, acquiring services from a trafficked person -- provided that there was reasonable suspicion that the person was indeed a trafficking victim -- was also considered a crime.
Ideally, a shelter is a place where a trafficked person is free to stay, leave, and return again if he or she feels the need.
Jongnam Ham, Munsu Lee, Joontae Kim, Dongkil Kim, Jong in Han, Hosik Park, Jae Gyu Kim, Namgyun Shin and Byeonghae Park were at the stockage of the National Bureau of Investigation in Central Visayas (NBI-7) at the Capitol site pending filing of charges for violating section 11 of Republic Act 10364 or the Expanded Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2012 which prohibits anyone from 'engaging the services of a trafficked person.'
The goal of a shelter program is to provide a safe haven and move a trafficked person from crisis to recovery.