Trafficked Person

A victim of human trafficking, who is often subjected to physical violence, sexual abuse, psychological trauma, and severe deprivation
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By opening a clear channel of communication, the app can help a trafficked person reach safety quickly.
Jenny Marra, the Labour MSP who proposed the Human Trafficking Bill in Scotland, said: "The more people who can identify the signs of a trafficked person the better.
The new Sexual Offences Bill will: ENSURE | convicted sex offenders are banned for life from working with children or vulnerable people BRING in electronic tagging for some serious sex offenders DISCLOSE their wherea-bouts to a small number of people if an offender poses a threat TOUGHEN laws on child pornography, including a new offence for organising child prostitution or producing child abuse material JAIL women convicted of incest for life, and MAKE it a crime to buy sex, including tougher sentences if purchased from a trafficked person.
Trafficking of women, in general and children in particular has some known ominous characteristics such as displacement of a person from one location to another, the exploitation of trafficked person, and commercialization and objectification of the victim.
A trafficked person may have injuries or signs of physical abuse, appear malnourished or disorientated, be unfamiliar with their neighbourhood and always wear the same clothes.
Significantly, this representation articulates a basic feature of the UN Protocol's definition of trafficking--that it does not require knowledge or awareness by the trafficked person for it to be a criminal act.
If you are not identified as a trafficked person, you can't claim a legal residence permit, which exists for trafficked people, or the specialised social services or assistance from the interior ministry like safe return or specialised assistance from the police, which is why identification is so important.
He contacted police at the start of 2010 but was not formally identified as a trafficked person.
The law recognises the trafficked person as a victim entitled to human rights.
The state should take measures to protect the trafficked person during the litigation phase while the victim is aiding the prosecution.
The laws should require doctors to report to the authorities of their country any evidence suggesting that a patient has obtained an organ from a trafficked person abroad, defined to include persons in detention abroad.