Traffic Light Diet

A dietary regimen designed to reduce atherosclerosis and weight, which allows ad lib consumption of food on the green lists, some from the amber lists, and few foods from the red lists.
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Also, "the traffic light diet" works well with kids.
Maryla encourages me to follow the 'traffic light diet' - making sure there is fruit or veg that is red, amber or green in every lunch and dinner.
Those coupled with trying to do the traffic light diet as much as I can and remembering to eat regularly to stop my blood sugar crashed has helped me lose around five lbs.
The Traffic Light diet, by Judith Wills (Orion, pounds 6.99).
Unsurprisingly, The Traffic Light Diet also uses red, amber and green foods to help you control what you eat.
Author Judith Wills said: 'The Traffic Light Diet is the simplest-ever diet and probably also one of the most healthy.
* The Traffic Light Diet, by Judith Wills, is published by Orion at pounds 6.99.
The Traffic Light Diet by Judith Wills Published by Orion Books IS 2005 the year you're finally going to banish the bulge?
The Traffic Light diet purports to be the most simple diet ever.
She claims her Traffic Light Diet is a visual Food Awareness Training System.
Hence the Traffic Light Diet, which was so successful in her case that she developed it further.
In just a few months, people will be bouncing, spinning and twisting their way to a better body as core training, gospel aerobics and traffic light diets sweep across Britain.