Traffic Calming Device

A device installed on or near a roadway to force motorists to slow down, to keep drivers from speeding through quiet neighbourhoods or to make ‘enhanced’ streets less attractive as alternate routes
Examples Speed bumps, traffic islands, rumble strips, etc.
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The number of crashes in Cambridge has declined every year since 1998--the same year the first traffic calming device was installed--while statewide the number has remained steady.
RIPPLEPRINT is a traffic calming device that alerts drivers through the creation of noise and vibration inside a vehicle, but with little or no noise outside.
The Agency is also working on improving the performance of traffic signals by modifying the signal timing, installing red-signal jumping surveillance cameras, providing traffic calming devices and coordinating with the Dubai Police to install speed control systems (radars).
I would also suggest the placement of those white, half-globe style traffic calming devices are placed in all areas of cross-hatching and in a line across the emergency lane at suitable intervals.
The decision for the unusual traffic calming devices was taken during a meeting between Gabrovo municipality experts and local police representatives.
The money will be used to overlay or reconstruct roadways as well as to preserve integral elements of the streets such as curbs, gutters, sidewalks, on-street bike lanes, traffic signals, street lights, medians, traffic calming devices and other components of our transportation infrastructure.
IN your report published on September 15 regarding traffic calming in Springwood you quote me as saying: "Traffic calming devices are not needed and installing them would be a waste of money." This was a very brief and not quite fair summary of my objections to the proposed scheme and perhaps it should have continued: "Unless it can be shown that the scheme is soundly based on factual evidence not mere anecdotes and that the knock-on effects are taken into consideration."
Each council on Teesside is responsible for deciding which roads need to be targeted and which traffic calming devices should be put in place to reduce the number of casualties in its highways.
I suggest the pot holes should be left in situ as traffic calming devices. As a result traffic would proceed more carefully and more slowly.

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