accounts payable

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ac·counts pay·a·ble

(AP, A/P) (ă-kownts' pā'ă-bĕl)
The aggregate of money owed by the health care practice or hospital to its suppliers and employees.
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The recent experience of Spanish public finances poses a natural example to study the impact of government trade debt on the economy.
It is clear that Birmingham's smaller SMEs in particular need much greater support in this respect, as many are facing the very real threat of closure due to trade debt pressure and late payment.
* $103,196 to CIA Specialist of Camden for trade debt.
Normally, small to medium-sized businesses acquire working capital by leveraging bank debt, equity and trade debt, as well as using extended payment terms.
Despite having a production surplus of around 4 million [m.sup.3] per annum, their trade debt in forest products languishes at around A$ 2 billion dollars annually.
This can affect cash availability to meet payroll, trade debt and tax payments.
Trade debt owed to the vendors ranges from $4.3 million for Applica to $267,000 for Bunn O Matic.
Bankruptcy Court approved PSC's motion to continue to make payments on trade debt owed to suppliers following usual billing cycles.
Milford, MA and Piscatway, NJ 10/14/02--Waters has signed an Asset Purchase Agreement to acquire Rheometric Scientific's rheology and service business for $17 million in cash and the assumption of $6 million in trade debt. The business will be merged with Waters' TA Instruments.
The additional interest claimed was attributable to trade payables, forward contracts, swaps and various settlement agreements (trade debt).
(Moscow calculates that Germany must repay 16.5 bn roubles of GDR trade debt to the former Soviet Union, while Germany says the Soviet Union's trade debts to the GDR are today worth $6.4 bn.
The report stated that the airline has a trade debt of about USD67m, an accumulated financial debt of about USD330m and unfounded pension liabilities of about USD38m according to This Day.