Track Sign

An abnormal anatomic variant of the femur in which the linea aspera or pilaster—site of attachment—of the major adductor and extensor muscles is more prominent than usual and is located on the posterior midshaft, thus having a radiodense ‘tube-in-a-tube’ appearance. This should not be confused with the blade of grass sign of Paget’s disease of bone
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Radiology of the femoral linea aspera-pilaster complex: the track sign. Radiology 1982; 142: 66.
Following the release of debut hit track Sign Of The Times, Liam admitted: "I wouldn't buy it, but it's interesting.
Bronchi have a uniform calibre, do not taper and have parallel walls (Tram track sign and signet ring sign).
Caption: Figure 4: Contrast-enhanced MR images showing marked enhancement of the optic nerve sheath on axial view (tram track sign).
The trolley track sign derives from the 2 lateral lines of ossification representing the apophyseal joint capsules, and the dagger sign from the central line of ossification visible on the AP view.
In the days ahead, he promised, we'd track sign (footprints and spoor), be alert for unexpected encounter, and "see the animals the way they really are in nature."
In thoracic (Picture 1) and lumbosacral (Picture 2) graphs, marked squaring in her vertebras, shiny corners, symmetric syndesmophytes, bamboo spine, trolley track sign, osteoporosis and left faced scoliosis were observed.
Wes Nelsonand Vanessa are set to perform a romantic routine to Harry Styles' track Sign of the Times which at first seems like a pretty innocent song choice.
Dilated funduscopy of the right eye revealed mild optic disc pallor, surrounding pale retina with a cherry-red spot at the fovea with cattle track sign. A provisional diagnosis of right-side OAS with central retinal artery occlusion was made.
The Woodland Trust's Nature's Calendar scheme, which asks the public to track signs of the seasons, has been receiving unusually early records of spring this winter - with some as early as November.
Having a track signed to Hot Creations (record label co-founded by Jamie) was a big moment for me.
The Woodland Trust's Nature's Calendar scheme, which asks the public to track signs of the seasons, has received more than 64 records of early spring activity starting in November.