Track Mark

Any of a series of dark scars that follow the veins in individuals who chronically inject heroin
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The mood is set from the opening track Mark My Words, where Bieber sings, "I know you've heard it all before.
Danny O'Reilly and co made the announcement as they celebrate a stellar 2013, which saw their track Mark My Words become the most played single on Irish radio.
Running around a circular athletics track Mark just kept going, slowly climbing the leaderboard.
In addition, the service's ever-expanding music library has passed the 10 million song track mark and continues to expand offering music from a wide range of genres and the hottest artists in the industry.
Star performance Mister Philson posted a very useful performance in the open and will be one to keep an eye on off his track mark of 102
With the growth of Eos Music recently, Carey comes at an integral time in company history having just surpassed the 100,000 track mark.
Freshman Molly Kessler set the team indoor track mark in the 800 meters in 2 minutes, 22.
540 when compared to younger brother Kyle's track mark of 188.
7 sec, a personal best which broke the track mark by five seconds, as Godiva's female squad won their section of the match by the narrowest of margins ahead of Stoke.
With this latest version of the MD Walkman, the consumer receives all the benefits associated with true digital-to-digital recording, such as near CD quality sound, automatic synchronized recording and automatic track mark insertion.
Usher rues changes If the Queen's Prize was still in existence at the track Mark Usher would have one to put up against the habitual Pipe and Henderson market leaders next Easter.
Edinburgh Monarchs are set to track Mark Lemon (Reading) in place of crocked Willie Lawson in tomorrow's home league clash with Berwick Bandits.