trachealis muscle

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tra·che·a·lis mus·cle

(trā-kē-ā'lis mŭs'ĕl)
The band of smooth muscular fibers in the fibrous membrane connecting posteriorly the ends of the tracheal rings.
Synonym(s): musculus trachealis [TA] .
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Miller reported that the trachealis muscle consists of transverse bands that unite with the cornua of C-shaped tracheal cartilage rings (8).
An extrinsic compression of the mid-trachea and trachealis muscle from posterior was seen with 90% lumen compression but without direct invasion of the trachea (Figure 1).
Trachea cross sections were analyzed for the trachealis muscle area at day 38, 45, or 52.
Additionally, the presence of complete tracheal rings would prevent any stretch in the trachea, unlike in mammals where the fibroelastic membrane and trachealis muscle can elongate in response to stress, making an exact fit more critical in birds.
The trachealis muscle was dissected free from the cartilage, washed twice in Hank's solution containing penicillin 100 IU [mL.sup.-1], and then minced with scalpel blades into 1 [mm.sup.2] pieces.
The components of the tracheal tube included structures like cartilaginous rings (cartilagines tracheales), the tracheal annular ligaments (ligamenta anularia tracheae) (which connect the cartilage rings), the muscular layer or trachealis muscles (musculus trachealis), and the mucous membrane.