trabecular meshwork

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trabecular tissue of sclera

the network of fibers (pectinate ligaments) at the iridocorneal angle between the anterior chamber of the eye and the venous sinus of the sclera; it contains spaces between the fibers that are involved in drainage of the aqueous humor and is composed of two portions: the corneoscleral part (the part attached to the sclera) and the uveal part (the part attached to the iris).
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trabecular meshwork

The fibrous basement membrane in the angle between the iris and the corneal-sclera junction. Aqueous humour exits the anterior chamber of the eye through spaces in the trabecular meshwork and enters the venous sinus of the sclera (i.e., the canal of Schlemm).
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Trabecular meshwork

A sponge-like tissue located near the cornea and iris that functions to drain the aqueous humor from the eye into the blood.
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meshwork, trabecular

Meshwork of connective tissue located at the angle of the anterior chamber of the eye and containing endothelium-lined spaces (the intertrabecular spaces) through which passes the aqueous humour to Schlemm's canal. It is usually divided into two parts: the corneoscleral meshwork which is in contact with the cornea and the sclera and opens into Schlemm's canal and the uveal meshwork which faces the anterior chamber. See phacolytic glaucoma; plateau iris; anterior limiting ring of Schwalbe; pigment dispersion syndrome.
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It works by deroofing Schlemm's canal (SC) and the removal of juxtacanalicular trabecular meshwork as well as a part of the corneoscleral trabecular meshwork [14-17].
Moreover, tyrosine kinase inhibitors activate the maxi-K[Ca.sup.2+](BK[Ca.sup.2+]) channels in the bovine trabecular veins and that hyperpolarization caused by the potassium efflux of the trabecular cells can lead to the relaxation of the trabecular meshwork to facilitate the outflow and passage of AH to Schlemm's channel [8-10].
People with mild disease may benefit from the lowest risk--but lowest-Impact--options, such as bypassing the trabecular meshwork; patients with moderate disease may require the increased effectiveness of subconjunctival (e.g., Xen) and suprachoroidal (e.g., Cypass) procedures.
The most common form of glaucoma, called open-angle glaucoma, is typically associated with elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) due to increased resistance to outflow of the liquid through an area of tissue known as the trabecular meshwork (TM).
Rise in IOP is thought to be caused by clogging up of the trabecular meshwork by deposition of capsular fragments and debris at the angle8.
The effects of dexamethasone on fibronectin expression in cultured human trabecular meshwork cells.
On the other hand the microstructure of the rough surface covered by fibrous tissue situated in the distal part of the articular surfaces shows a cortical of variable thickness and an irregular surface supported by a less dense trabecular meshwork.
* Previous Episodes of Angle Closure Attacks: It may reveal iris and pupillary ruff atrophy with gonio synechiae and a pigmented trabecular meshwork.
Rocklatan (netarsudil and latanoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.02%/0.005% is a once-daily eye drop that is a fixed-dose combination of latanoprost, the most widely-prescribed prostaglandin analog, and netarsudil, the active ingredient in Rhopressa (netarsudil ophthalmic solution) 0.02%, a first-in-class Rho kinase inhibitor specifically designed to target the trabecular meshwork (the eye's principal drainage pathway).
* Primary angle-closure suspect (PACS): the iris is in contact with the trabecular meshwork for at least 270 degrees of the anterior chamber angle but IOP, optic nerve and visual field are normal
(7) Emulsified silicone oil droplets can block the trabecular meshwork & can cause glaucoma.