Toynbee maneuver

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Toyn·bee ma·neu·ver

(toyn'bē mă-nū'vĕr)
Action that accomplishes pharyngotympanic (auditory) tube opening when the patient closes mouth, holds nose, and swallows.
See also: Valsalva maneuver, politzerization
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Toynbee maneuver

[Joseph Toynbee, Brit. physician, 1815–1866]
Changing the pressure within the middle ear by swallowing or gently blowing while the nose is pinched closed and the mouth is tightly shut. This maneuver is used to “clear the ears” when quickly changing altitude, as in an airplane flight.

In some cases, the effect of this maneuver may be enhanced by tilting the head backward while it is done. This places tension on the tensor tympani muscle and opens the eustachian tubes.

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