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Joseph, English otologist, 1815-1866. See: Toynbee corpuscles, Toynbee muscle, Toynbee tube.
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Compare this with the entry for 19 August 1837: "Wrote my memorial to the Queen, requesting her to let me call the Covent Garden players, 'Her Majesty's Company of Performers.' Inclosed it in a note to the Lord Chamberlain and sent it" (Toynbee 1.
"The world of Auberon Waugh," wrote Toynbee, "is a coterie of reactionary fogeys centred on the Spectator and the Telegraph":
In this monumental 12-volume work, A Study of History, the best-known opus of his many works, Toynbee observes that breakdown of a civilisation or civil order occurs when its creative members fail to respond to challenges.
Como ustedes recuerdan, Toynbee, en el primer volumen de su estudio, sostenia que la conjuncion de dos fuerzas poderosas, extendidas por casi todo el planeta, la industrializacion y el nacionalismo, habian moldeado la historia de Occidente.
Harold Temperley and James Butler from Cambridge, Alfred Zimmern and Arnold Toynbee from Oxford, Charles Webster from Liverpool and their counterparts from Harvard or Columbia had been recruited by their governments to advise on shaping the post-First World War world.
They would include Polly Toynbee, Shami Chakrabarti (Director of Liberty), Ann Pettifor (New Economics Foundation) and, of course, our own Debbie Abrahams.
If some future Toynbee wanted to delve into the main themes of our own era, he could find many worse places to begin.
Toynbee told us to expect an upcoming titanic clash between the West and the Muslim world.