Toy Food

A food dish that comes pre-measured and premixed and thus requires only a minimal amount of preparation
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Be imaginative and hide things, thread things through the bars and use toy food dispensers.
Here, Colleen Cannon Ruffo, project manager of learning services, placed a piece of toy food on one grid square and helped the preschoolers pick the right sequence and number of arrow-button pushes to get the Bee-Bot to its sweets.
They included a toy Dalek, a pedal car in the shape of an engine, a fully working sewing machine and a battery operated toy food mixer.
Researchers found small balls that were not labeled with appropriate choke hazard warnings, and several small, rounded toys, such as toy food, could present the same choke hazard as small balls, but are not labeled as hazardous.
A BOY who lived with Khyra Ishaq was so hungry when he was taken to hospital he tried to eat plastic toy food, Birmingham Crown Court heard.
TEACH kids about food from an early age with this wooden toy food groups set.
"They love the toy kitchen, the toy food and dressing up their dolls," she said.
Other items sold at auction included toy Food Town trucks; an enlarged photo of Iott at Wally's Market, his first store; and a large assortment of antiques, collectibles, lamps, furs, jewelry, paintings, furniture and other household items that Jeanette Iott, an avid collector, amassed over the years.
Yellow and slightly shiny - these look like plastic toy food. A little on the chewy side, but they're quite sweet.
Along the toy food chain, retailers have been hardest hit by a shaky economy and cutthroat competition.
These surfaces included handles and other sites that a child was likely to grip (70) and any toy (e.g., toy food and phones) that a child was likely to place in his or her mouth (42).