Toxic Oil Syndrome

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An epidemic that occurred around Avila, Spain, from 1981 to 1983, which was linked to ingestion of olive oil contaminated with rapeseed oil
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Due to poor hygienic conditions in the developing regions, the disease is becoming more prevalent, thereby, increasing the treatment of toxic syndrome. For instance, people living in the rural areas of developing countries are expected to suffer from the disease as they do not have access to the specialists due to low incomes.
Human consumption of contaminated shellfish can lead to different types of toxic syndrome which have attracted scientific attention in recent years.
Toxic syndrome of lantana poisoning is characterized by development of odematous swelling on base of ear, face, vulval lips and muzzle, photosensitization of areas exposed to direct sunlight, jaundice, rumen atony and constipation.
Clinical signs were pharyngeal hyperemia, oliguria, and febrile toxic syndrome. The patient became hypotensive, reporting abdominal pain in the liver and spleen.
Once the patient has been safely resuscitated and the possible toxic syndrome identified (i.e.
While not as common it is possible that even a single heavy exposure to mold could lead to Organic Dust Toxic Syndrome, Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis, or other immunologic effects.
Exposure to these particles can cause or exacerbate acute infections or toxic pneumonitis, hypersensitivity pneumonitis (farmer's lung), chronic asthma, bronchitis, silicosis, and organic dust toxic syndrome. Farmers can also be exposed to toxic airborne gases and pesticides.
NIOSH Alert: Request for Assistance in Preventing Organic Dust Toxic Syndrome
While scientific evidence connecting mold to health problems remains inconclusive, many believe mold may cause certain adverse health effects ranging from minor symptoms such as eye irritation, cough, runny nose, allergy and asthma to more severe health ailments such as Organic Dust Toxic Syndrome and pulmonary hemosiderosis.
The Aetiology of the Spanish Toxic Syndrome: Interpretation of the Epidemiological Evidence.
After an overview of basic science, the book offers detailed descriptions of toxic syndromes and information on neurotoxic testing.