Toxic Dump

Any repository for toxic liquid chemicals, often disposed of illegally, in 50-gallon drums or poured directly into the ground
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"The government who allowed the school campus to be built on a toxic dump site and the local authority who have behaved dreadfully throughout all of this have far too much to lose.
Unbeknownst to most of them, it's not in fact a natural marvel, but rather a toxic dump. Monte Neme, in the northwestern coastal region of Carballo, is the remains of a Second World War-era tungsten mine and the azure hue of the water is the result of chemical contamination.
Staff and pupils first warned the water was running blue at the shared campus, which was built on a toxic dump, three years ago.
While her husband's Twitter account is a toxic dump, Melania Trump's is a pristine model of offered thanks, prayers, support for children and support for victims of disaster.
The area is considered a toxic dump as the military did not keep complete records of what it disposed there until 1980.
I like the approach taken with toxic waste, where anyone who ever had anything to do with the land that a toxic dump is found on has to contribute to the cleanup.
AGLOBAL investigation into illegal waste exporting sparked when a computer belonging to a North East health authority was discovered on a toxic dump in Africa has brought 10 men and three companies to justice after a four-year probe.
AN investigation into a computer belonging to a North East health authority which was found in a toxic dump in Africa has come to a close.
"We're also on a toxic dump left behind by the former plants who dumped sulphuric acid and alkaline on here.