Toxic Dump

Any repository for toxic liquid chemicals, often disposed of illegally, in 50-gallon drums or poured directly into the ground
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The area is considered a toxic dump as the military did not keep complete records of what it disposed there until 1980.
I like the approach taken with toxic waste, where anyone who ever had anything to do with the land that a toxic dump is found on has to contribute to the cleanup.
AN investigation into a computer belonging to a North East health authority which was found in a toxic dump in Africa has come to a close.
We're also on a toxic dump left behind by the former plants who dumped sulphuric acid and alkaline on here.
GLOBAL investigation into illegal Awaste exporting has been launched in the region after a computer belonging to a North East health authority was discovered on a toxic dump in Africa.
A community can't clean up a toxic dump, or remove a corrupt official or right any other wrong if its citizens do not know about it," Eric Newton, Knight Foundation's vice president for journalism, said in a statement.
Mike Overton, chairman of the Nocks Brickworks Action Group, said: "We were given up to December 5 to go through the developer's evidence and submit our opposition to this barmy development that will be on top of a toxic dump.
We wouldn't allow folks to put a toxic dump site next door.
Mr Lowes-Bird blames his neighbours for the closure of a restaurant he'd opened at the centre, by protests and placards outside, labelling the site as a toxic dump.