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word element [Gr.; L.], poison; poisonous.


, tox-toxi-toxo-
Poison, toxin.
[G. toxikon, bow, hence (arrow) poison]

tox-, toxi-, toxico-, toxo-

prefix meaning "toxins or poisons": toxin, toxicology.


, tox- , toxi- , toxo-
Combining forms meaning poison, toxin.
[G. toxikon, bow, hence (arrow) poison]
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The HHA Program then reviews the TC developed by the TOX Portfolio and incorporates the applicable findings into the HHA report.
Since Dolores was clearly better, we advised her to continue the Rhus tox daily.
An appliance manufacturer has replaced spot welding of uncoated, coldrolled steel with TOX and eliminated the need to go through expensive degreasing stages prior to painting the finished housings.
Soon COEP staff also began training graduate students to serve as Tox Ambassadors.
The TOX method of joining treated sheet metal offers many advantages over riveting and spot welding.
DirectSense TOX can save time with its rapid sensor response and reduced upfront training requirements.
Tox Free is funding the deal with equity, cash and debt.
difficile Tox A/B assay for toxigenic Clostridium difficile(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
One challenge that has arisen as part of the ongoing formulation of the MIAME/ Tox structure is the harmonization of diverse ontologies.