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word element [Gr.; L.], poison; poisonous.


, tox-toxi-toxo-
Poison, toxin.
[G. toxikon, bow, hence (arrow) poison]

tox-, toxi-, toxico-, toxo-

prefix meaning "toxins or poisons": toxin, toxicology.


, tox- , toxi- , toxo-
Combining forms meaning poison, toxin.
[G. toxikon, bow, hence (arrow) poison]
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The HHA Program then reviews the TC developed by the TOX Portfolio and incorporates the applicable findings into the HHA report.
Since Dolores was clearly better, we advised her to continue the Rhus tox daily.
Benefits of the TOX joining system include producing a joint with extremely high shear and pull strengths, with outstanding fatigue strength under dynamic loads with minimal notch effect, and with increased material joint strength in cold forming.
The TOx layer forms the base under-cladding for the wave guide manufacturer's advanced nano device chip fabrication.
Our focus is on providing predictive screening assays to support earlier lead optimization decisions, and mechanistic studies run later in the drug development process to allow compounds with gene tox positive results to achieve regulatory approval," said David Bruning, Senior Director, Business Operations, Toxicology and LADS.
ABMC's Rapid Drug Screen[R], Rapid ONE[R], Rapid TEC[R], RDS[R] InCup[R], Rapid TOX and Rapid TOX Cup[R] products test for the presence or absence of drugs of abuse in urine, while OralStat[R] and Rapid STAT[TM] tests for the presence or absence of drugs of abuse in oral fluids.
The Triage TOX Drug Screen is a rapid and easy-to-interpret device that may allow physicians to make quicker treatment decisions.
ABMC Chief Executive Officer Stan Cipkowski stated, "The Rapid TOX Cup has already been well received in the criminal justice market as it provides accurate results in an easy-to-use format, all at a lower cost to the customer.
American Bio Medica Corporation (NASDAQ: ABMC) announced today that they have launched, and have begun shipping, another new point of collection drug test, the patent pending Rapid TOX Cup[TM]; an all inclusive drug testing cup.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted the Company clearance to market the Triage(R) TOX Drug Screen with Acetaminophen (APAP), the first drug screen to include a rapid, point-of-care test for the qualitative detection of acetaminophen in urine.
These tox tests were expensive, time-consuming and were only performed on drug candidates that had already passed all other criteria to become successful drugs.