Towers Nursing Home

A nursing home in New York that was the focus of federal investigations for Medicaid fraud, physical abuse and starvation of elderly patients during the late 1960s to early 1970s
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The former Towers Nursing Home, built in 1884 by John Jacob Astor III as New York's first cancer hospital, (designed with circular rooms so germs couldn't hide in the corners), has been renovated by developer Dan McLean and designer David Rockwell, and is known in the real estate community as the "Dakota of the North."
Isabella spent her last years at Ruthven Towers Nursing Home in Auchterarder.
Insignia/ESG's Richard Baxter and Ron Cohen reeled in the bids for SL Green's 321 West 44th and the Towers Nursing Home site last Thursday.
Remember the Towers Nursing Home site on Central Park West and 105th Street, once a target of Jacob Frydman?