Ralph M., U.S. anesthesiologist, 1901-1967. See: Tovell tube.
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Fraser Murphy, 46, and his partner Natalie Tovell were with their assistance dog Bonfire on Sunday morning when a man allegedly attacked Fraser and punched him.
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Kelly Tovell felt a sense of overwhelming grief every time she looked at pictures of her little girl Chelsie.
Richard Tovell, 30, a personal assistant from Wallsend, said: "They have got to get a fulltime coach, we can't just keep extending Carver's time here.
Indeed fall-injury hospitalisations are substantial in each age group: 1-4 years of age (falls represent 40% of injury hospitalisations); 5-14 years (45%); 15-24 (14%); 25-44 (15%); 45-64 (31%); and [greater than or equal to] 65 (76%) (McKenna & Harrison 2012; Tovell et.
Tovell, a professor of history and political science at the University of Victoria and introduced and edited by Tovell, Robin Inglis, a former director of the Vancouver Maritime Museum and North Vancouver Museum and Archives, and Iris H.W.
Among those pictured at the dinner are, back, Mr C Garthwaite, S/Lt J Tovell and Lt C Wilson and, front, Lt E Moore, Mr L H Oliver and Capt Braine.
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