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Karl, 19th-century German dermatologist. See: Touton giant cell.
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Key companies profiled in the report include United Cocoa Processor, Inc., Nestle S.A., Touton S.A., The Barry Callebaut Group, SunOpta, Inc., Newtown Foods, Inc., Puratos Group NV, Mars, Inc., The Hershey Company and Cargill Corporation.
Competition Tracking The report also profiles companies that are expected to remain active in the expansion of global cocoa powder market through 2026, which include Hershey's, Ghirardelli, Nestle, Mars, Inc., Cocoa Processing Company, Olam International, Cargill, Inc., Barry Callebaut, Swiss Chalet Fine Foods, Touton, and Dutch Cocoa.
Some of the most important cocoa and chocolate companies in the world, including World Cocoa Foundation members such as Mondelez International, Olam, Touton and others, as well as Ghanas Cocoa Board have committed to participating in the program, says Pierre Frank Laporte, the World Bank Country Director for Ghana.
[UKPRwire, Fri May 17 2019] Fact.MR has actively published a new research study titled "Global Cocoa Market Inclinations Exhibit Growing Demand during 2018-2028 | Key Players are Barry Callebaut AG, Natra SA, Touton SA, etc." to its broad online database.
Launched in July by the SAT4Farrning consortium, consisting of the nonprofit Rainforest Alliance and Grameen Foundation, the Netherlands-based Satelligence and Waterwatch Projects, and me French commodity crop trader Touton, the app uses machine-learning software trained to analyze satellite images of cocoa farms taken both in visible light and in the near-infrared spectrum, which documents wavelengths that plants reflect during photosynthesis.
Histopathological findings of XD can be explained by diffuse dermal infiltration of Touton giant cells, foreign body giant cells, and histiocytes, associated with scattered lymphocytes, neutrophils, and plasma cells.
Microscopically, xanthogranulomatosis, proliferating fibroblasts, lack of eosinophils, lymphocytic aggregates and Touton giant cells are noticed.
Se produce con este final un interesantisimo desplazamiento del lugar del cuerpo femenino como objeto--la principal denuncia que encontrabamos en el texto de Daniela Astor era, precisamente, la cosificacion de los cuerpos femeninos por parte de los discursos del poder--al lugar del cuerpo femenino como sujeto, que mira mientras es mirado, que puede ser leido en dialogo con otro de los pasajes mas representativos de la novela de 2013: la ecfrasis del mitico desnudo de Marisol para la portada de la revista Interviu en 1976 (Touton, 2015 y Ros Ferrer, 2016).
[kai en emoi aute he eche touton ton logon bombei kai poiei me dunasthai ton allon akouein] si hablas en contra de esto, hablaras en vano".
Additionally, one may observe a dense dermal infiltrate of vacuolated cells, along with wreathlike giant cells (Touton cells) and eosinophils.
A biopsy from the anterior abdominal wall muscle showed infiltration with xanthomatous histiocytes and Touton multinucleated giant cells, positive for CD68 and negative for S100 and CD1a indicating xanthogranuloma (Figure 5).
A total of 15 Filipino Americans played key roles, including Camille Calimlim Touton as Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Department of the Interior, Jason T.