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Auguste, French ophthalmologist, 1878-1969. See: Tournay sign.
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Moreover, in its attempt to treat such diverse texts the book at times reads somewhat like a catalog (for example, in chapter 8 where Schafer rehearses the development of Marian traditions in the Eastern and Western Churches, Peter Damian, Herman of Tournay, Bernard of Clairvaux, Godfrey of Admont, Hildegard of Bingen, and Peter of Blois).
Chaffers, op, cit, no 1152, 'Sevres and Tournay China', no.
In introducing the section, Virginie Tournay notes that the authors seek to outline a number of approaches and levels of analysis in order to understand both the concept of technological risk and how the definition of risk interacts with constitutional and political discourse (p.
23 Laborde, l:xcvi-vii: "Quand vous sortez de votre auberge a Tournay, a Gand, a Haarlem, dans toute ces vieilles villes flamandes et hollandaises, mais par-dessus tout a Bruges, il vous prend une sorte de vertige, vous etes en face de la nature et vous croyez voir un tableau des van Eyck.
This excursion into France was perceived by the larger European community as largely superfluous, and his minor victories at Therounne and Tournay in some ways damaged rather than improved his reputation as a great warrior king.
Representative of the latter is Waiter Vermeulen's report on the history and restoration of a Shudi and Broadwood harpsichord dated 1775, while a paper by Jean Tournay on a group of harpsichord builders from the southern Netherlands (Dulcken, Delin, and Bull) presents an awkward mix of obscure philosophizing and technical data.
John, was completed and consecrated, as it deserved to be, by the Bishop of Tournay in 1489.
An elegant Kunstlerroman that flirts with yet never crosses the line into Barthian parody (it is, indeed, more staid than its literary ancestors), A Case of Curiosities tells the story of Claude Page, ten years old when the novel begins in 1780 in the small town of Tournay and not much older when the novel ends amid the aftermath of the French Revolution with Claude a teenage celebrity, his fame the result of his genius as an inventor, most particularly of one of the mechanical wonders of the century.
Dailymotion has remained focused on offering the best experience for our users, partners and advertisers, and we are very proud of our strong growth record of leadership in the online video industry," said Cedric Tournay, CEO of Dailymotion.
Implementing agency : Communaute de communes du Canton de Tournay
We take great pride in providing this innovative team of scientists with the resources they need to tackle this challenging and uncharted area of TB research," said Olivia Tournay Flatto, Ph.
Tournay did not elaborate in the interview, and said the company's board would review the opportunities.