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Obsessively visual in its journey down the slyly humorous avenues of persona and the mechanics of everyday endurance, Touch Wood turns on a reader's eyes like headlights on a late-afternoon ride through the abyss between our life's milestone events, dispersing "particles of nowhere."
The TOUCH WOOD is made from the surplus wood of trees culled during forest-thinning operations.
Touch wood director Joe Cooper, said the activities build a sense of community ownership over changes taking place to the landscape.
Touch wood, if his health is okay and it seems Turn to Page 103
Bates (right) said: "The last operation I had was totally different to what I've had in the past, so touch wood - those are my words - it'll stand me in good stead.
"We're both willing to move mountains to make it work and, with that, you still touch wood," Contactmusic quoted her as telling USA Today newspaper
Everton assistant boss Steve Round explained: "He is running and everything seems to be on the right track, touch wood, so we are looking to have him fit ready for the season."
"If we can have a bit of luck, we can grab that Grade One hurdle somewhere in his life - touch wood, it will be at the Cheltenham Festival as he is very well in himself.
Vikki Robinson, 24, student , Darlington: "I always salute a single magpie and touch wood. It's just a habit!"
"If I had to get injured, ideally it would have been earlier in pre-season but that's football and touch wood I'll be fine for the rest of the season.
'I'm just pleased that, touch wood, there is no serious injury to horse or rider
Since then - touch wood - the comeback has gone well and I feel great.