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surface area (SA)

the total area exposed to the outside environment. The surface area of an object increases with the square of its linear dimensions. Volume increases as the cube of the object's linear dimensions. Thus the larger of two objects of the same shape will have less surface area per unit volume than the smaller object. Most loss of body heat is from the body surface.
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We did not detect significant relationships between encounters of lizards per unit effort and total surface area of caliche for lizards collectively or for S.
I noted students doing this over and over again, moving to two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional solid in an effort to make sense of the total surface area of the pyramid.
1) a first region of the fibrous sheet having a first region surface area on said first side, the first region surface area forming a portion of the total surface area, wherein the first region surface area is smaller than the total surface area, the first region having a non-fibrous coating deposited thereon, the coating being disposed on the fibrous sheet between the absorbent core and the outer cover; and
338 million hectares (103,380 km sq) of forest, which comprises 84% of the State's total surface area and equates to 4.
According a report released by the Turkish Directorate General of Forestry, the total surface area of the lands harmed by 1,137 forest fires in Turkey was 2,940 hectares as of August 19, 2009.
However, the sparse array's total surface area need not be a lot more than a thin conventional cell of the same volume, and that gives some hope here," he added.
Dubai: A minimum of 30 per cent of the total surface area of all building roofs in Dubai should be green and it is optional for the front side, Engineer Yousuf Abdullah, head of Licensing Section in the Buildings Department of Dubai Municipality, said on Monday.
Dividing a given volume of water into a large number of small droplets yields more total surface area than if the volume is split into a small number of large drops, Tabazadeh explains.
7 percent of the total surface area of the 50 sample sites was old-growth, with trees up to 400 years old--pretty close to the max for a post oak.
The building will have a total surface area of 1,600mU, including 250mU of offices and meeting rooms, 650mU of research and production laboratories and 200mU of storage space.
Total quantity or scope: Maintaining order and cleanliness on the outdoor grounds and lawn care in the area daily maintenance of order and cleanliness of outdoor areas of real estate, winter maintenance of outdoor areas, maintenance of green areas in the field of cutting grass in areas with a total surface area of ?
The four-storey building features eight two-bedroom apartments, each with a total surface area of 126sq/m.

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