Torture Murder

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A loosely defined term for a process used by murderers who kill their victims—often after first kidnapping them—by slowly torturing them or leaving them to die of injuries and blood loss from severe trauma
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Many wonder why Brendt Christensen is even eligible to die for the torture murder of a visiting Chinese scholar in his Urbana apartment in 2017, since Illinois abolished the death penalty eight years ago.
Police in Kilimani are holding a 28-year-old suspect in connection with the torture murder of flamboyant businesswoman Monicah Nyawira.
THE suspected ringleader in the alleged torture murder of Jimmy Prout only slapped him across the face, a jury was told.
By contrast, it took a local jury just two hours to convict Jesse Compton in the torture murder of 3-year-old Tesslynn O'Cull in 1997, following a six-day trial.
A MUM accused of the torture murder of her partner "banged his head on the concrete floor" just hours before he was found dead, a court heard yesterday.
A BOY who drowned in a sickening torture murder may have been the victim of a "ritual punishment" by a drug gang, it was claimed today.
TORTURE murder accused Zahid Zaman treated alleged victim Jimmy Prout like a "skivvy" and had two of his co-accused under control, a court heard.
TWO silver photo frames may hold the key to the torture murder of gentle Alan Holmes.