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Evangelista, Italian scientist, 1608-1647. See: torr.
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17) identified four types of shields (4) in the Torricelli Mountains.
Whatever happens in the legal arena concerning the candidate substitution, the most important result of the Torricelli case is that he's now on the outside looking in.
But readers of DIRECTORS & BOARDS would be interested to know that Torricelli has a section on "leadership" which is most outstanding, including such quotes as:
Bookings: Man Utd - Beckham; Fiorentina - Torricelli, Adani, Pierlini.
As Torricelli spoke, Harbury stood nearby, holding an eight-by-ten black-and-white photo of her dead husband.
Former New Jersey Senator Robert Torricelli moderated the event, entitled, "Middle East in Transition: Prospects for Iran?
Senator Torricelli recognized that the fight to protect a women's right to choose, the fight to protect citizens from illegal gun sales, and the fight to make polluters pay are bigger than one person and one campaign.
Tal's imminent departure could pave the way for Moreno Torricelli to step in at Goodison.
IDAN Tal's impending exit from Goodison Park could pave the way for the arrival of former Italian international Moreno Torricelli.
EVERTON boss David Moyes is making a shock deadline move for Italian veteran Moreno Torricelli.
Robert Torricelli this week for violating Senate rules by accepting and not disclosing gifts from a former campaign contributor to whom the senator gave political assistance.
FIORENTINA defender Moreno Torricelli believes victory over Lille in the third round of the UEFA Cup could revive the troubled club's season.