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Evangelista, Italian scientist, 1608-1647. See: torr.
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Local and provincial government services and Christian missions are mostly based around the airstrip at Lumi, located near the western end of the road running from the East Sepik Province capital at Wewak, through Maprik in the Prince Alexander Mountains and then through Nuku and Anguganak in the Torricelli Mountains.
Later, Torricelli got even more critical, stating: "....Somewhere the Record stopped becoming a mirror of the happy suburban life and it became mean.
Before his campaign flamed out, Torricelli tried to convince New Jersey voters to ignore his ethical shortcomings and focus instead on the fight for Senate control--pitching himself as "the fifty-first vote" for education, healthcare and urban initiatives.
But day after day, as Forrester kept hammering away at Torricelli's ethics, the senator kept slipping in the polls.
Moyes, though, says that he will first have to offload players before he can sign Torricelli.
In addition to the Torricelli language, Title 1E of the act contains two other provisions for protecting children from environmental pollutants.
"Senators Graham, Hatch, Jeffords, Torricelli and Kerry are to be commended for their efforts," said Gary Garczynski, NAHB president and a builder/developer from Woodbridge, Va.
Torricelli spent weeks crafting a compromise between environmentalists and the pest-control industry and finally got them to agree on some basic provisions--including a ban on spraying in occupied school areas.
Robert "The Torch" Torricelli, the senior senator from New Jersey, who faces a federal investigation on charges of campaign fraud, said he hopes to become chairman of a newly-created subcommittee of the Senate Foreign Relations committee on central Asia.
The Viola, who lost to Juventus last Friday, are without Saliou Lassissi, Sandro Cois, Christian Amoroso, Moreno Torricelli, and Andrea Tarozzi for the trip to the San Siro.
ROBERT TORRICELLI, even though we are of opposite parties.