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Douglas P., 20th-century U.S. dermatologist. See: Torre syndrome, Muir-Torre syndrome.
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Torre and fellow former managers Bobby Cox and Tony La Russa were elected unanimously in December by the Hall of Fame's expansion-era committee.
For more information on the study or on author Alessandra Torre, please visit http://alessandratorre.
I hope these players will be better than me," says Torre, who became Asia's first grandmaster at the Nice World Chess Olympics in 1974.
8220;Incognito is my first true collaborative effort,” continued De La Torre.
But, it's likely that, depending on the money and baseball ops experience at hand, it could come down to the Torre and Magic groups.
With Sherrill still battling mechanical and confidence issues, Torre decided the only situation he'd use him in late in the game was if the Dodgers were either trailing or tied with the Diamondbacks.
He came to Aberdeen in 1984 to set up the local La Torre operation.
There's a lot of Joe Torre in me, but there's also a lot of Billy Martin and Lou Piniella and whatever creates the personality inside of me that says we need to get this job done," said Mattingly, who acknowledged that he had his eyes on becoming manager since he joined the team as a coach.
The jury--Deka Bank property investor Johannes Haug, David Leventhal of KPF, Frankfurt's Culture Minister, and architect Peter Schweger--unanimously agreed on Torre Agbar, recognising its role in the revitalisation of a rundown industrial suburb, its generic character and chameleon charm, mirroring colours and forms of the Catalonian region, and its sustainable design and construction credentials.
screamed the front-page headline of the New York Daily News, which reported that club owner George Steinbrenner, a sort of cross between Deadly Doug Ellis and Roman Abramovich, was expected to fire Torre and hire former Yankee player and manager Lou Piniella.
De La Torre writes: "It is not my intention to try to convince the reader of the validity of scriptural interpretations arising from the depths of oppression.
Morris sued De La Torre for negligence under the legal theory of premises liability.