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Douglas P., 20th-century U.S. dermatologist. See: Torre syndrome, Muir-Torre syndrome.
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Do nothing of the kind," said Don Quixote; "remember the true story of the licentiate Torralva that the devils carried flying through the air riding on a stick with his eyes shut; who in twelve hours reached Rome and dismounted at Torre di Nona, which is a street of the city, and saw the whole sack and storming and the death of Bourbon, and was back in Madrid the next morning, where he gave an account of all he had seen; and he said moreover that as he was going through the air, the devil bade him open his eyes, and he did so, and saw himself so near the body of the moon, so it seemed to him, that he could have laid hold of it with his hand, and that he did not dare to look at the earth lest he should be seized with giddiness.
Somewhere in their folds were concealed Miss Lavish and Miss Bartlett, who had chosen this afternoon to visit the Torre del Gallo.
Hobnail, the reformer; and Reverend Jul Bat, who has converted the whole torrid zone in his Sunday school; and Signor Torre del Greco, who extinguished Vesuvius by pouring into it the Bay of Naples; Spahi, the Persian ambassador; and Tul Wil Shan, the exiled nabob of Nepaul, whose saddle is the new moon.
Cognizant of this new market, Torre Lorenzo Development Corp.
Sam Milby opens up on who singer Moira Dela Torre is in his life in a recent talk-show interview.
Chess legend Eugene Torre reiterated his call for both the public and private sector to join hands in encouraging the youth to play chess and stay away from drugs and other vices.
Dubai: Visa has announced the appointment of Andrew Torre as regional president for its Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (CEMEA) region, based in Dubai.
Visa has appointed Andrew Torre as regional president for its Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (CEMEA) region, based in Dubai.
Torre DeRoche was at rock bottom following a breakup and her father's death when she crossed paths with the goofy and spirited Masha, who is pursuing her dream of walking the world.
Lufkin III Foundation was a "Triple Play Sponsor" of the Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation's "All Star Evening" at the Hotel Bel Air on Thursday, April 20, 2017.
Among managers whose managerial careers began in the decade of the 1970s to present day, Joe Torre (1977-2010) is the leader with six ties.
Defendants: Felipe De La Torre Carrillo, American Transport and David De La Torre Carrillo