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Drug slang A regional street term for crack and marijuana, presumably used together
Military A self-propelled explosive projectile weapon, launched above or below the water surface, propelled underwater toward a target, and designed to detonate on contact with, or in proximity to, a target, usually understood to be a ship
Neuropathology A focal fusiform swelling of the axons of Purkinje cells, located in the first portion of the axis cylinder prior to the origin of collateral branches, often accompanied by swollen dendritic ramifications and patchy displacement of Purkinje cells, a typical pathologic finding in olivopontocerebellar atrophy of the granular layer of the cerebellum
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We recognize the key players in the global torpedo market as Saab AB (Sweden), Leonardo SpA (Italy), China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (China), Atlas Elektronik GmbH (Germany), Raytheon Company (US), Naval Group (France), Tactical Missiles Corporation JSC (Russia), Bharat Dynamics Limited (India), and BAE Systems plc (UK).
Italian firm Wass' Blackshark torpedoes were earlier selected for the project but the programme had to be cancelled due to the involvement of scam-tainted Finmeccanica group in the VVIP chopper scam.
MISSION: The Royal Navy ordnance disposal team from Faslane head out from Orkney to where the torpedo was discovered in Scapa Flow
HMS Blyth during its mission to perform a controlled explosion of First World War torpedo, discovered on a sunken German submarine
His comments came one month after he announced that the advanced Valfajr torpedoes whose mass-production started in October had been mounted on the country's home-made submarines.
I expect they did a good grin over the secret of that torpedo. It was the first and last Bangalore Torpedo that I ever saw come up the line.
The deal for 100 Black Shark Torpedos, worth 1,500 crores, was was on the verge of being signed in 2013 with Finmecannica's subsidiary Whitehead Sistemi Subacquei (WASS).
The one critique this reviewer has of the book involves the impact of the Russo-Japanese War on torpedo development during the period covered by this book.
Sadly, the plucky Carpathia was sunk in 1918 after she was torpedoed by a U-boat off the Irish coast.
However, when we looked closer, it said on a brass plate Torpedo Patent Washing Machine, followed by Torpedo Washing Machine Co, Huddersfield.
For most surface-based warships, the danger from enemy subs isn't the vessel itself, but the swift and accurate projectiles that come hurtling out of their torpedo tubes.
It was usually composed of at least three squadrons, including fighters, scout (dive) bombers, and torpedo bombers.