Gustavus Ludwig, German physician, 1843-1910. See: Tornwaldt abscess, Tornwaldt cyst, Tornwaldt disease, Tornwaldt syndrome.
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However, in 1885, German physician Gustav Ludwig Tornwaldt reported 26 cases of Tornwaldt's cyst, considering it as pathological and hence the cyst was named after him (4, 7, 8).
Tornwaldt (1843-1910), a German physician, published a 119-page monograph in which he described the development of nasopharyngeal cysts from the bursa.
First noted in autopsy specimens by Mayer (1) in 1840, this cyst-like structure at the caudal end of the nasopharyngeal tonsil was established as a pathologic entity by Tornwaldt (2) in 1885.