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Drug slang A regional term for crack cocaine
Public safety A violently rotating storm—nature’s most violent weather phenomenon—produced in a very severe thunderstorm, appearing as a funnel cloud extending from the base of a cumulonimbus to the ground
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Given that traditional forecasting techniques are geared toward daytime regimes, these results provide a framework within which forecasters can examine tornado potential at night.
tornado rate was below average, as it had been for the past four years, according to the (https://www.
FIND A SAFE SPOT "Put as many walls or barriers between you and the tornado as you can," says Rick Smith.
Even Elsner's finding of an increase in tornado intensity is preliminary, cautioned hurricane risk researcher Emmi Yonekura of Princeton University.
Eisner, a graduate student at the University of Florida--say the perceived uptick in tornado activity is deceiving.
A tornado is a vortex of violently circulating winds that extends from the base of a cloud to the Earth's surface.
Which three states did the Tri-State Tornado strike?
Tornado research in the field needs dedication, perseverance, patience, and, most of all, luck.
The Sunday tornado was the first single tornado to kill more than 100 people since a June 8, 1953, storm in Flint, Mich.