Arne, Norwegian neurosurgeon, 1899-1968 . See: Torkildsen shunt.
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It would be Coventry who opened the scoring though, as great play from the team allowed Christina Torkildsen through on goal, and the Coventry player didn't hesitate in putting it away.
Founded by energy sector entrepreneurs Bjorn Torkildsen and Rodney Semotiuk, LNGaz specializes in the small-scale production and distribution of LNG.
Challenge tests were performed according to the method described by Torkildsen et al.
Thus, those who have CAD when they are younger tend to have subsequent increases in morbidity and mortality, whereas having a diagnosis of CAD later in life does not tend to be strongly linked to the development of other health conditions (Grytten Torkildsen, Lie, Aarseth, Nyland, & Myhr, 2008).
Peter Blute and Peter Torkildsen, both lost re-election bids in 1996.
A study by Storniark and Torkildsen (2004) already showed the relevance of including pictorial food stimuli in studying selective attentional processing in patients with eating disorders.
With left wingers Dannii Bird and Penny Andrea ill, Birmingham could name only three subs but were lifted by the presence of striker Crissy Torkildsen.
Marit Torkildsen has come to Scotland to take her boyfriend, Dean Durrant, back to her homeland.
The operations group will include Bill Easley, bedding manufacturing; Miller Deaton, bedding fabrication; Tom Gardner, bath manufacturing; Mike Mason, warehousing and distribution; Dan Robertson, finance; John Palmer, administration; Charles Emory, human resources; and Robin Torkildsen, systems development.