Arne, Norwegian neurosurgeon, 1899-1968 . See: Torkildsen shunt.
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In the absence of dense organic matter, such as those in laboratory cultures, pathogenic microorganisms can adhere to cultured organisms (Torkildsen & Magnesen, 2004), and the intense aeration necessary to establish the BFT (Avnimelech, 2007) is unfeasible for cultures of smaller organisms, since the turbulence caused by the strong aeration could stress the organisms.
The words were selected from different categories in MacArthur Communicative Development Inventory (Klee, Marr, Robertson, & Harrison, 1999); related stimulus pairs from the same category and unrelated stimulus pairs from different categories, as done in Von Koss Torkildsen, Syversen, Simonsen, Moen, and Lindgren (2007).
Torkildsen (1999) consider that leisure planners, providers and managers are in key positions for creating resources and opportunities, which can help to enhance the quality of life for many people.
The concept of recreation is seen as an important tool to improve the social values of individuals as well as positive effects on mental and physical health (Pieper, 1998; Torkildsen, 2005; Torkildsen, 2012).
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Torkildsen and collaborators (2006) (12) investigated the effect of the semantic organization of long term memory for inconsistency answers from children aged 20 months old.
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It would be Coventry who opened the scoring though, as great play from the team allowed Christina Torkildsen through on goal, and the Coventry player didn't hesitate in putting it away.
Challenge tests were performed according to the method described by Torkildsen et al.
Thus, those who have CAD when they are younger tend to have subsequent increases in morbidity and mortality, whereas having a diagnosis of CAD later in life does not tend to be strongly linked to the development of other health conditions (Grytten Torkildsen, Lie, Aarseth, Nyland, & Myhr, 2008).