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25) Herzog and coworkers found that many athletes have a larger than normal vertebral body width, which caused the Torg ratio to be misleading.
Although there seems to be a relationship between a low Torg ratio and spinal injury, it does not necessarily predispose athletes to an initial injury.
Forty-two of these athletes had a Torg ratio less than 0.
40) Athletes with a lower Torg ratio have been described in the literature as having a higher incidence of recurrent stingers.
Variation of the cervical spinal Torg ratio with gender and ethnicity.
Subsequent studies raised concern about the accuracy of the Torg ratio in identifying football and other types of athletes with significant cervical stenosis.
This study again demonstrated a large percentage of asymptomatic athletes with a Torg ratio less than 0.
Torg recommended a relative contraindication to return to play for athletes who experience an episode of cervical cord neurapraxia and have a Torg ratio less than 0.
Meyer reported that 47% of athletes with stingers had a Torg ratio less than 0.
Castro et al (10) did not establish a relationship between Torg ratio and initial stinger experience in their review of 165 athletes.
In addition, the question of the accuracy of radiographs and the Torg ratio in screening for cervical stenosis applies to this population as well.
The Torg ratio was measured on 125 football players screening lateral cervical spine radiographs.