Franz J.A., U.S. surgeon, 1861-1938. See: Torek operation.
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Department of the Treasury named senior Taliban leader Torek Agha as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) pursuant to Executive Order 13224.
Torek Agha was targeted "for his role as a key Taliban fundraiser and member of a Taliban leadership council responsible for facilitating external funding and military operations in Afghanistan," said the statement.
Dubai: Access to finance for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is an issue not just in Dubai but worldwide, constraining the faster growth of this segment, said Torek Farhad, senior adviser of Business Environment at the International Trade Centre (ITC), Geneva.
Torek Farhadi, Senior Adviser to the Business, Environment, International Trade Centre (ITC) in Geneva will be the keynote speaker at this year's Forum.
Franz Torek en 1913 realizo la primera esofagectomia transtoracica, a traves del hemitorax izquierdo disecando el esofago por detras del arco aortico con lesion del bronquio principal izquierdo.
Weisskopf M, Anderson H, Foldy S, Hanrahan L, Blair K, Torek T, et al.
New technologies offer tremendous leverage in terms of women and youth employment', states Torek Farhadi, the programme's coordinator.
En 1905 Price, y en 1906 Torek, demostraron la efectividad del debridamiento y el lavado de la cavidad peritoneal en pacientes con apendicitis, reduciendo su mortalidad.
Karzai's economic adviser Torek Faradi says: "I will have knocked on the door of donors about 15 times this year.
Karzai's chief economic adviser, Torek R Farhadi, bluntly points out that the prime minister's election campaign will hinge on a simple pitch: "He's the guy bringing back the billions.
Associate Foreign Affairs Minister Matt Robson met with Afghan Foreign Affairs Minister Abdullah Abdullah and Torek Faradi, the key economic adviser to Afghan leader Hamid Karzai, in Tokyo following a two-day international aid meeting in the Japanese capital that ended Tuesday.