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A regional term; one designating a region as distinguished from the name of a structure, system, or organ.
[topo- + G. onyma, name]
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The most common indirect place-names referring to burials are toponyms of kirik 'church'.
And Chapter 6 shows how, in the fourth voyage, three conflicting infernal and paradisiacal serpent toponyms invented amidst a river of indigenous onomastics suggest the way that the physically challenging reality of the Amazon basin produced vacillation in Columbus's mind about the destination at which he had arrived and fear of the proximity of Hell.
There are fascinating findings about, for example, the way naming patterns differed between the First/Second Settlement and the Melanesian Mission stage of Norfolk's history (49-52), and how Norf k or Mota words have been incorporated into phrasal toponyms (52-6).
It shows the coast correctly and in detail, but several toponyms differ from later maps and may have been errors.
In Wales, writing only English-language toponyms on the road signs engendered vigorous resistance on the part of Welsh nationals between 1967 and 1975, leading the British parliament to replace monolingual English signs with bilingual ones (Jones and Merriman, 2009).
As far as the English PUs with toponyms are concerned, the place names are mostly places in the UK, Ireland or Scotland (e.
In order to assert this, we consider it is enough to mention the toponyms in the area: Vaporul lui Assan, Macina de Paine, Fainari, Banitei, Silozului, Irimicului.
Some authors also examine colonial-era alphabetic texts written by indigenous people, texts written in the Classic Maya script, toponyms, archaeological sites, and contemporary rituals performed in indigenous communities.
Twelve of the 21 toponyms Franklin assigned in the Yukon, a remarkable proportion, were chosen to honour natural philosophers or savants, people we would today call scientists (Table 1).
This mythological reading of the territory also allows the Mirana--which I also think applies to the other groups of the area--to be in a double relation with the surrounding toponymy: the timelessness and the permanence of an impersonal link to the territory detach them from the interpersonal questionings which the temporality of the colonists, as well as a "hispanization" of local toponyms, introduces (current Mariapolis on the Caqueta, for example, was in the recent past called in Spanish Maria Manteca "Fat (grease) Maria", itself a Spanish phonetic approximation of the mirana Mariimutuhke: "Shaft of the birds' down").
Furthermore, in Chapter One he uses terms like "Lao" and "Khmer" alongside "northern" and "northeastern" in an ahistorical manner that mixes ethnonyms and toponyms while failing to define any of them (pp.
In Macedonia, we have totally different problems since we do not impose Albanian toponyms to Macedonia or vice-versa," said former MP Naser Ziberi.