Paul, French anthropologist, 1830-1911. See: Topinard facial angle, Topinard line.
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In 1890, after studying medicine in Leiden and then anthropology with Armand de Quatrefages and Paul Topinard in Paris, Ten Kate was officially invited by the Royal Netherlands Geographical Society to undertake anthropometric fieldwork in the Timor Archipelago.
(15) (1869), and Topinard. (16) (1885), who indicated endocranial commencement of sagittal suture at a much later age at about 40 years.
Como afirma Traverso, el crecimiento casi paralelo entre 1860 y 1890 de nuevas disciplinas--tales como la microbiologia (Pasteur), la medicina experimental (Claude Bernard), la antropologia (Paul Broca, Paul Topinard), la eugenesia y la antropologia racial (Vacher de Lapouge), la antropologia criminal (Lacassagne), la neurologia (Charcot), la psicologia de las masas (Le Bon, Tarde) y la sociologia (Durkheim)--generaban condiciones necesarias para una amalgama entre ciencia y politica, que luego se traduciria en el abordaje biologico de los comportamientos sociales y en una suerte de medicalizacion de las estrategias de poder (27).
Topinard (Elements d'anthropologie generale [Paris: Delahaye, 1885]).
The basic three have gone through scores of revisions, growing as high as Ernst Haeckel's thirty-four different races in 1879 or Paul Topinard's nineteen in 1885 or Stanley Garn's nine in 1971.
The term criminology is derived from the Latin word crimen, translated as 'offence', and was introduced by the anthropologist Paul Topinard in 1889.