Urology A formulation of alprostadil–synthetic PGE1 in the SEPA transdermal-delivery technology for treating ED. See Erectile dysfunction.
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randomized 60 men with moderate to severe ED to receive Topiglan or a placebo gel.
MacroChem had previously announced the issuance of a United States patent covering the composition of its Topiglan product for treating male erectile dysfunction.
MacroChem Corporation (Nasdaq:MCHM), a drug development company specializing in transdermal (through-the-skin) drugs, recently announced that the February issue of UROLOGY, a respected peer-reviewed specialty journal, carries a paper detailing a successful Phase 2 study demonstrating the safety and efficacy of Topiglan, MacroChem's topical drug for erectile dysfunction.
A topical gel called Topiglan produces a powerful erection with just a drop on the head of the penis.