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A clinical trial–Tobramycin Once-daily Prescribing In Cystic fibrosis

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Q. Your topic-manager: Did you have today a little crisis like me? As some of you already know, I use at the moment and since 3 months no medications anymore, but I told you also, that I have at home my little pharmacy for "just in case". Two days ago I slept not at all during the whole night. There was an emergency case from USA - a member from another topic. The dear lady was in panic, it seemed so during the chat. So I called her and she was thankful 12h later. Today I had a little panic-attack too. I have an urgent letter to write and also a document to prepare. In fact I would be able to do both things in the same time and so my body starts to feel a stress. My heart feels like a very hot big potato, my head is warm too and I can't concentrate me for just one subject. What have I done today to fix that?

A. I forgot to tell you. I smoked today during the long moments in Zurich for the first time again 2 cigarettes after 3 years interruption. Now the package Marlboro is a member of my private pharmacy, then it helps me to become calm when I'm in panic. What helps me in such moments too, is some water with gaz. When I stopped smoking in 1996, I drunk always some water, when I had the desire to eat something - mostly something sweety. After 3 weeks it was for me not anymore necessary to drink water. Today I can smoke a cigarette or more and stop instantly afterwards during years. Today I used the cigarettes as medication in moments of panic I had. Perhaps for some of you it is a piece of chocolate, or an apple or some vinagre. You must check it out and learn what your body likes, how it reacts or what helps your behaviour and condition to go forward.

Your topic-manager

Q. I need help with a delicate topic. My neice was diagnoised with Cranial Transannular Where he forehead was once as normal, now it has a forming point in the center to make it look as though her skull is shrinking inward. Please anyone help with any information you may have

A. your question troubled me... from what i know of bone development - what you say can very much happen but i never heard of a case like that.and i looked a bit about maybe some information about it, but i'm pretty sure that the name you gave is not the disease that she has, it's just a description. Cranial means skull, Trans means cross over and Annular means ring. but if you'll find the right name, or if it is really the real name, here is a bit of places you might find information-

Q. My son has atopic dermatitis that is treated with topical cream. Is he in a greater risk for other diseases? My 1 year old son has atopic dermatitis. We treat him with topical cream and he is getting better. What kind of a diseases is this? Is he in a greater risk for other diseases because of his skin lesions?

A. Atopic dermatitis is an immunological disease. As a guy that has many allergies I can say that i believe the best treatment is not topical cream. You need to find what causes the allergy and to exclude it from your life. This way you prevent the disease not just treat its symptoms.

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