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"The drug channel is the largest channel in terms of retail sales of topical analgesics, representing 45% of category sales.
A: I would suggest that retailers that do not have an extensive topical analgesic section reexamine this category.
Besides addressing arthritis pain and the pain associated with aging, Garcoa's topical analgesics provide foot care for people who have diabetes or are suffering from fungus or cracked heels.
Topical analgesics are a growing retail segment within the analgesics category.
Topical analgesic distributors as well as manufacturers are concentrating on enhancing their product portfolio, with an aim to benefit from potential growth opportunities in developing as well as developed markets.
In terms of topical analgesic formulations, ingredients such as menthol, methylsalicylate (oil of evergreen), and camphor are called counterirritants because they create a burning or cooling sensation that distracts the mind from the pain.
There are few more uses of vaporub, for example it can also be used as a topical analgesic in case of any insect bite, can work as an insect repellant, relieves headache and help reduce bruises and swellings.
CA-008 is a proprietary water-soluble prodrug that converts into capsaicin, a potent TRPV-1 agonist with a long history of use as a topical analgesic, that selectively and reversibly desensitizes pain conducting nerve fibers (C-fiber nociceptors).
Creams and patches containing lidocaine, an odorless anesthetic, have made a big impact on the topical analgesic category in the past 18 months.
It is also frequently part of topical analgesic drugs available in a pharmacy, although its mechanism of action is still unknown.
If the topical analgesic gets approved by DND, a soldier about to go on patrol will be able to nip into a clinic for it and apply it himself as needed.
Additionally, ice, topical analgesics, and electrical stimulation have all been widely used to control the pain associated with tendon injuries.