Toothy Smile

The appearance of a person’s smile, in which their teeth appear abnormally large, which in adults may be due to gum recession
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But Shaun did not show his apprehension and displayed great confidence onstage, always flashing a toothy smile after correctly spelling a word.
The actress also dubbed herself 'Dental Diva' because of her wide, toothy smile.
They said thats going to be you this year," Lauren said in the video with a big, toothy smile on her face.
When I see a frown on your face, I crack a funny joke, I squeeze your hand and give you a giant toothy smile.
They looked vintage (they weren't), and their characters always solved a problem, popped a Mentos and flashed a toothy smile.
We've all been there at some point, although in my experience this is usually accompanied by a deathly stare from the father that says more words than his mouth ever could, rather than a toothy smile.
One patient, a 26-year-old from Deraa, the city in Syria's south where the revolution broke out in 2011, flashed a toothy smile while sitting in a wheelchair; one leg a bandaged stump, the other gripped in a metal cast.
WITH his floppy fringe, chubby cheeks and mile-wide toothy smile Little Jimmy Osmond exploded on to the 1970s music scene like a rhinestone and saccharine pop bomb.
I like Kloppy, I really do - he has something; some charisma and a massive toothy smile.
I had said that figs are too sweet, and you said but some come off a little earthy, a little different than just sugar, and I said but they aren't even fruit but the membranes of unfurled flowers, something not yet born pulped into paste to smear on bread, to eat while the summer nears, and you, in old cutoffs your brother gave you when you were a little girl with a toothy smile, sat and ate the jam from a spoon, ignoring the fact that these figs were so sweet, too sweet to eat for much longer, and it was you alone who would be left to finish them.
Every day I feel blessed and incredibly grateful,'' he said with a wide, toothy smile.
This is a moody, serious-minded movie (Johnson flashes his trademark toothy smile exactly once in the whole thing), shot with a restless camera, overlaid with an atmospheric score that tends to throb rather than hurtle.