Toothy Smile

The appearance of a person’s smile, in which their teeth appear abnormally large, which in adults may be due to gum recession
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As with my local bets, I voted for those who threw me things I needed at the moment - T-shirts, ballpens, caps, and, of course, cash - and those who made time to see me, shake my calloused hand, flash me a toothy smile. I enjoyed their flashy motorcades and gigs groaning with food and freebies, and for that time at least, I did not feel so poor nor neglected.
However, the young girl's toothy smile and thin upper lip are from Prince Harry.
The accolades for the late geologist Rolando Espinosa Pena keep on rolling (he would hate the pun on his nickname 'Rol,' or he might quietly smile his toothy smile).
A disarmingly youthful-looking figure, with a toothy smile belying a fearsome reputation, the 39-year-old Razeq was regularly accused of building a fortune from extracting millions of dollars from traders and businesses.
Each character features a unique toothy smile or grimace, eyes and a signature butt-on hole.
Toothy smile Kayla Turley gets up close to the amazing Lego creation
The rage was over when Dumas's set was done; his toothy smile was there for all to see.
But Shaun did not show his apprehension and displayed great confidence onstage, always flashing a toothy smile after correctly spelling a word.
"They said thats going to be you this year," Lauren said in the video with a big, toothy smile on her face.
When I see a frown on your face, I crack a funny joke, I squeeze your hand and give you a giant toothy smile. Even when you're mad at me, or when you're mad at the world, I would put everything aside, and do whatever I can in order to get your face to mirror mine.
They looked vintage (they weren't), and their characters always solved a problem, popped a Mentos and flashed a toothy smile. Thumbs up!