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A small piece of wood or other material for removing food particles from between the teeth.


Any small tapering sliver of wood or other material used to remove food debris from between the teeth. Early examples were made of gold, carved bone, or ivory.


Small wood sliver or thin plastic device used to remove food particles from the interdental space.


n a wood sliver used to cleanse the interdental space.
toothpick, balsa wood,
n a triangular wedge of balsa wood used to clean the teeth interproximally and stimulate the interdental gingival tissues.
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Although it is known that tooth-picks were in use during the late mediaeval period, our man was clearly not persuaded about the benefits of this practice and instead, like the majority of the population, appears to have preferred the option of gum disease and halitosis.
Of the destruction of 34 al-Samoud missiles, he said, ``We are not watching the breaking up of tooth-picks here, lethal weapons are being destroyed.
He says: "We are not watching tooth-picks being broken; lethal weapons are being destroyed".