dental implant

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1. (im-plant´) to insert or graft material, such as tissue or radioactive material, into intact tissues or a body cavity; see also transplant.
2. (im´plant) any material inserted or grafted into the body.
cochlear implant see cochlear implant.
dental implant a prosthetic tooth with an anchoring structure surgically implanted beneath the mucosal or periosteal layer or in the bone.
Sequence of treatment with osseointegrated dental implants. From Darby and Walsh, 1995.
penile implant penile prosthesis.
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dental implant

A prosthetic tooth that is anchored in the jawbone to replace a missing tooth.
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dental implant

Osseointegrated implant Dentistry A prosthesis anchored in the maxilla or mandible, allowing subsequent placement of artificial teeth. See Cosmetic dentistry.
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dental implant

In dentistry, a prosthetic device in any of several shapes. It is implanted into oral tissues beneath the mucosa or the periosteal layer, or within the bone to support or hold a fixed or removable prosthesis. Synonym: tooth implant See: illustration


Ultrasonic devices should not be used on dental implants.
See also: implant
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den·tal im·plant

(dentăl implant)
The artificial replacement for a tooth root
See also: dental implants, endosseous dental implant
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The textbook and atlas is divided into 14 chapters: bone biology and osseointegration of dental implants basic principles and clinical applications of immediate loading role of implant surface role of implant design histologic evaluation of immediately loaded implants immediate loading in the anterior mandible using over dentures immediate loading in edentulous jaws posterior regions grafted bone immune compromised patients simultaneous sinus elevation immediate load- ing of single tooth implants implants placed in fresh sockets and last but not the least the management of immediate loading complications.
Detectives have said she had tooth implants and veneers and wore jewellery including two gold rings set with precious stones - one in a daisy shape and the other an Irish claddagh ring.
Deputy Attorney-general Akis Papasavvas -- the man who came under much scrutiny for receiving, and returning, e1/417,000 from the state to have tooth implants -- is on the list and in fact named as the highest paid of them all.
Vain George, 47, had a full set of trendy tooth implants fitted at a top Harley Street clinic.
Located in the world famous Harley Street district in London, the Marylebone Implant Centre is a UK reference Center of Excellence in tooth implants and Cosmetic Dentistry.
Spokesman for opposition party DISY, Haris Georgiades, responded to the report yesterday saying that his party wished to refrain from starting a spat with the government because it was the holiday season and Aobecause after the renewal of the fleet of presidential vehicles, the private presidential jet and tooth implants, nothing surprises anymoreAo.
And friends hope the dinner will raise pounds 20,000 to pay for tooth implants so he can start eating properly again.
Individual tooth implants are anchored in the jaw with titanium roots.
AFTER a week's silence, President Christofias finally spoke about deputy Attorney General Akis Papasavvas' tooth implants at the weekend.
The poor guy was visibly upset -- his voice was quivering, he was stuttering, words were not coming to him, he had the faraway look, he grit his tooth implants, he was playing with his pen and he kept moving about in his chair like a hyper-active kid.
DEPUTY Attorney-general Akis Papasavvas will return on Monday the e1/417,000 paid by the health ministry for his tooth implants. While insisting he had done nothing wrong and claiming that all the proper procedures had been followed, he announced he will return the money because the episode was being used as an excuse to attack President Christofias and the now retired acting permanent secretary of the ministry.