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Henry, English surgeon, 1809-1880. See: Hancock amputation.
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The 71-year-old, who admits to having pretty much everything Hancock made, said: "There are still Tony Hancock appreciation societies today and I have had the pleasure of meeting and talking with them and they love him, but then we all love him, I love him.
Jeff Hammonds, from Ash Green in Coventry, is the archivist of the Tony Hancock Archives team and says he simply could not have let the anniversary go by without marking it in some way.
Birmingham's statues to gain CBEs were Tony Hancock in Old Square, the Lunar Society in Broad Street and Charles Gore outside St Philip's Cathedral.
I went to him and suggested a few ideas, and he was the one who came up with the Tony Hancock idea.
If it had been anyone else he wouldn't have understood it but with Tony Hancock, it made sense.
He readily forgave the affair allegedly saying that if it had been anyone else he wouldn't have understood it, but with Tony Hancock, it made sense.
Many have tried to capture the essence of Hancock's delivery including self confessed fan Paul Merton who re-worked the originals but Tony Hancock was beyond impersonation: a one-off who was a comic perfectionist.
Older fun fans were split with Connolly named alongside old favourites such as Spike Milligan, Tony Hancock and Tommy Cooper, who is originally from Caerphilly.
This is The Bowmans, my favourite piece from Tony Hancock, above.
Not only was legendary comedian Tony Hancock born in Hall Green and Paul Henry, who superbly portrays him in this excellent play, born in Aston, but creative producer Nick Hennegan proudly announces before the start that he hails from Kings Heath.
The Egg Information Service, set up by the industry to provide information and answer questions about eggs, had wanted to screen the advert, which featured legendary comedian Tony Hancock, to mark its 50th birthday.
Now, of course, it's been turned into a leafy square famous for its Tony Hancock sculpture.