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Henry, English surgeon, 1809-1880. See: Hancock amputation.
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Tony Hancock, centre, with scriptwriters Alan Simpson and Ray Galton
50 from Dan Peat, President, The Tony Hancock Appreciation Society, 426 Romford Road, Forest Gate, London E7 8DF.
When I was writing The Life And Death Of Tony Hancock I'd interview someone and the next thing I'd be reading their obituaries.
TRAGIC genius Tony Hancock has been named the greatest comedian of all time - topping a list that says oldies are best.
THE ground-breaking comedy classic which launched the career of Birmingham-born comedy genius Tony Hancock aired on the BBC for the first time 62 years ago this week.
BORN GEORGE Orwell, English writer, 1903 RICKY Gervais, English comic, 1961, above GEORGE Michael, musician, 1963 DIED TONY Hancock, UK comedian, 1968, above GENERAL Custer, US army commander, 1876 JACQUES Cousteau, explorer, 1997
The unveiling of the plaque was carried out by Tim Hancock - the nephew of late actor and comedian Tony Hancock - who had worked closely with the Dalek creator.
In 1956 and 1957, he appeared in both series of The Tony Hancock Show and an episode of Hancock's Half Hour in 1960.
Hancock's Half Hour (BBC) 1956-1961) TONY Hancock was considered the finest British comedy actor of them all.
One question asked: "Which is the odd one out -Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Hancock, Judas Priest and Bill Oddie?