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Oval-shaped masses of glandular tissue located on both sides at the back of the throat. Tonsils act like filters to trap bacteria and viruses.

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Q. how do i cure tonsil stones (tonsiloth)?

A. There are very little literature about this subject, but I heard about treatment in which the crypts (deep and narrow grooves on the tongue in which the stones form) are burned with laser.

As far as I know these stones don't cause damage by themselves so it's not such a common treatment.

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Q. When should the tonsils and/or adenoids should be removed?

A. Currently the tonsillectomy is recommended in the presence of 6 episodes of throat infection (Group A strep pharyngitis) in one year or 3-4 episodes in each of 2years. Adenoidectomy may be recommended when tympanostomy tube surgery ( failed to prevent ear infection.

Another thing to consider is the presence of oral breathing - the constant use of the mouth for breathing in small children may lead to malformation of the facial bones that would necessitate more extensive surgeries later in life.

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In some cases, removal of the tonsils is recommended.
There are many myths and misconceptions about how tonsils get infected, the most common being infections are caused by consumption of iceA[degrees] cold food or drinks.
If current trends continue, within just a few years the number of tonsil and tongue cancers is likely to exceed the number of cervical cancers.
When tonsils are infected, it usually prevents the infection from spreading further into the body.
The correlation between EBV viral load in the palatine tonsils of patients with recurrent tonsillitis and concurrent serum titers of VCA-lgG.
tonsils or appendix removed, usually because of infections.
Sahu was relieved when he heard about the coblation technique, a gentler approach to tonsils which leads to minimal bleeding during surgery and significantly less pain.
com, 800-973-7374, starting at about $10) claim to eliminate tonsil stones by neutralizing mouth bacteria.
To identify potential pharmacological targets, they recruited 18 children with OSA and 18 age-, gender-, and ethnicity-matched children with recurrent tonsillar infections (RI), all of who underwent surgery to have their tonsils removed.
5% of all tonsils removed from asymptomatic patients were infected by tuberculosis.
This is because it was realised that most infected tonsils get better by themselves and it is far better to treat the symptoms of sore tonsils than submit a child to surgery, albeit minor.
Tonsils used to be removed more often than they are now.