cerebellar tonsil

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tonsil of cerebellum

a rounded lobule on the undersurface of each cerebellar hemisphere, continuous medially with the uvula of the cerebellar vermis.

cerebellar tonsil

One of a pair of cerebellar lobules on either side of the uvula, projecting from the inferior surface of the cerebellum.
See also: tonsil


1. a small mass of lymphoid tissue, especially that found in close association with the mucous membrane of the throat; generally used alone to designate the palatine tonsil. Other structures referred to as tonsils are the cecal, lingual, esophageal, paraepiglottic, pharyngeal and tubal lymphoid aggregations.
2. a small mass of tissue.

cecal tonsil
the accumulated mass of lymphoid tissue in the wall of cecum especially the proximal segment of the avian cecum.
cerebellar tonsil
a rounded mass forming part of the cerebellum on its inferior surface.
esophageal tonsil
large volume of lymphoid tissue in the caudal segment of the duck's esophagus.
follicular tonsil
a tonsil bearing numerous invaginations of its surface epithelium (fossulae) each surrounded by lymphoid tissue to form a follicle, as in the palatine tonsils of cattle or the lingual tonsils of the horse.
lingual tonsil
diffuse collection of lymphoid tissue near the tongue root of most mammals.
palatine tonsil
see palatine tonsil.
paraepiglottic tonsil
a collection of lymphoid tissue craniolateral to the epiglottic base.
pharyngeal tonsil
a collection of lymphoid tissue in the roof of the nasopharynx in pigs.
soft palate tonsil
lymphoid tissue within the soft palate; principal tonsils in pigs in which it forms twin smooth patches of mucosa.
tubal tonsil
the lymphoid tissue clustered close to the pharyngeal orifice of the auditory tube.