tone deafness

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The preferred term for the inability to distinguish among different musical notes, making it impossible to sing or play a musical instrument; tone deafness.

Sensory amusia—The external input is defective, due to either:
• Inability to read musical notation (musical alexia, music blindness, musical blindness, note blindness, receptive amusia); or
• Inability to interpret musical sounds (a condition for which the term tone deafness is most appropriate).
Motor amusia—The internal component or ability to generate music is defective, divided into:
• Vocal amusia; and
• Instrumental amusia.
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tone deafness

The inability to detect differences in musical sounds.
Synonym: asonia
See also: deafness
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She wears a jacket that says "I really don't care." This is tone deaf at best.
Adds Tone Deaf, "Cover-ups typically consist of roses, flowers, dragons, koi fish, or anything else that can both conceal the old [design] and draw attention away from the fact it's a cover-up."
Be it because we were terminally tone deaf and beyond redemption, or whether it was because king of the whistlers Roger Whittaker was so popular at the time I have no idea, but at the time we were the whistling version of the Treorchy Male Voice Choir.
I think that only means that he is tone deaf," Karnad said.
"TONE DEAF" "It seems this process is sometimes very disconnected from the way technology is deployed and business transacted," the President of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy, Lisa Jacobson, told Reuters, on the fringe of the Copenhagen talks.
"Everyone has a vocal range and with the right tutor even people who think they're tone deaf will soon surprise themselves."
He said: "Tone deaf people are neither deaf nor stupid.
The only problem is she's completely tone deaf.- Martin, Edinburgh.
GUITAR MAN: A SIX-STRING ODYSSEY, OR, YOU LOVE THAT GUITAR MORE THAN YOU LOVE ME comes from a 34-year-old who decides to play guitar even though he's tone deaf and has no rhythm.
In the world of the Emperor Penguin, it seems song is king, so it comes as a shock when his parents discover their bundle of fluff is hopelessly tone deaf.
Our seminars help people who think they're "tone deaf" to become vital members of the musical community.
"The entire population of China seems both tone deaf and color blind.