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A term of art used by some cytopathologists for the large, tall and markedly atypical isolated cells seen by aspiration cytology in moderately to poorly differentiated adenocarcinomas
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'Seated on an upright tombstone, close to him, was a strange, unearthly figure, whom Gabriel felt at once, was no being of this world.
'"What do you think of this, Gabriel?" said the goblin, kicking up his feet in the air on either side of the tombstone, and looking at the turned-up points with as much complacency as if he had been contemplating the most fashionable pair of Wellingtons in all Bond Street.
'Here, the goblin gave a loud, shrill laugh, which the echoes returned twentyfold; and throwing his legs up in the air, stood upon his head, or rather upon the very point of his sugar-loaf hat, on the narrow edge of the tombstone, whence he threw a Somerset with extraordinary agility, right to the sexton's feet, at which he planted himself in the attitude in which tailors generally sit upon the shop-board.
The believers in the weathercock tale, having misplaced their confidence once, were not easily prevailed upon to part with it again, so they looked as wise as they could, shrugged their shoulders, touched their foreheads, and murmured something about Gabriel Grub having drunk all the Hollands, and then fallen asleep on the flat tombstone; and they affected to explain what he supposed he had witnessed in the goblin's cavern, by saying that he had seen the world, and grown wiser.
I give Pirrip as my father's family name, on the authority of his tombstone and my sister - Mrs.
Sunday Jack Akpan's business card bears the following words: "Undertakes Construction of Images, Statues, Tombstones of all kinds, Pottery Products, Marble Tombstones, Decoration of House Furniture, Drawing and General Arts." This first exhibition in Italy by the sixty-one-year-old Nigerian artist consisted of a group of eighteen statues (one of which had previously been exhibited at the Venice Biennale) portraying the upper echelons of traditional tribal society: chieftains, matriarchs, sorcerers, shamans, and dignitaries.
How many of us have been appalled by the silent accusing battlefields with row upon row of white tombstones which we pass on our way to sunfilled days of holiday fun in Europe?
From traditional apple bobbing to musical tombstones, here's how you can have a spook-tacular time tonight.
Stop wasting your money on tombstones. If your objective in advertising is to attract more tenants, a tombstone makes little sense.
We hope that with this project we will raise awareness of the 'stecak' medieval tombstones and encourage a more responsible attitude of the state and local communities towards them," said the President of the Mak Dizdar Foundation, Gorcin Dizdar.
The residents of Karimabad saw vandalized epitaphs and tombstones of scores of graves of martyrs at the Martyrs Graveyard on Friday morning.
Initial suspicions of vandalism at a Nicosia cemetery, after the tombstones of 12 commandos involved in the 1974 coup against President Makarios were found to have been removed on Wednesday morning, were laid to rest after it was discovered that the stones had been moved legally.