Tombstone Appearance

Dermatology A fanciful descriptor for the multiple hobnail-like cells which have lost their intercellular bridges above and lateral to the basal layer of residual epithelial cells in pemphigus vulgaris

Vascular pathology A descriptor for the bulging of epithelial-like endothelial cells into the vascular lumen in Kimura’s disease
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Histopathological examination showed suprabasal cleft in 29/31 (93.5%) cases and classical row of tombstone appearance in 25/31 (80.6%) cases of PV (Table 4).
Acantholysis was seen in 27 cases (87.1%) and this was comparable to the study done by Arya et al.5 Row of tombstone appearance was seen in 25 (80.6%) cases and this was higher to that seen in Arya et al.5 study.