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tomato pomace
residual pulp after extraction of juice from tomato fruit.

Patient discussion about tomato

Q. Is it true that tomato seeds, eggplant seeds and the like are prone to causing appendicitis? Is it true that eating tomato with the seeds, eggplant with the seeds and the like are prone to causing appendicitis? Thanks again guys. You're all great.

A. No. Things with seeds are irritants to a condition called diverticulitis where pockets in the intestines become inflamed. the seeds sort of deposit there and become infected. Appendicitis is just an inflammation of your appendix plain and simple, no particular cause is really pinpointed.

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Tomato pomace (TP), a byproduct of the tomato juice industry, contains an abundance of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, vegetable fiber and protein (Delvalle et al.
No complaints, but alas, the tomatos were still pale -- not lush, bright red and ripe, sadly, this seems to be quite a common occurrence nowadays at many restaurants.
In the figure, of course no modern MT system worth its salt would make such a grand translation error for such a simple sentence, but note that tomatos is misspelled and an MT system would not know how to translate it.
The tomato leaves have just started crenallating, so both the tomatos and the lettuce will be ready to replant in five or six days.
Thread tuna chunks, cherry tomatos, courgette, red and yellow peppers and onion onto soaked wooden sticks.
bacteria source is the sprouts, and not Spanish cucumber, tomatos or salad as
We should import these crops and save our water," he said, singling out tomatos and bananas.
The Moruno has been grown exclusively for Tesco and is packed with lycopene - the antioxidant which gives tomatos a rich red colour and is known to help guard against prostate and breast cancer.
Our group studies the light regulation of flavonoid synthesis in tomatos in order to develop strategies to increase flavonoid levels for improved nutritional content.
Horticulture related fruits are citrus, mango pulp, tomatos etc.
His answers draw on history, anthropology, chemistry, biology and other fields and describe the adaptation of 30 foods, including apples, bananas, chocolate, peanuts, pineapples, tomatos and watermelons.
Relation between soil aeration and ethyl alcohol accumulation in xylem exudates of tomatos.