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Hugh Owen, British surgeon, 1834-1891. See: Thomas splint.
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When they later decide to host dinner for yet another couple, this time, in the more intimate setting of the dining room of their resort suite, Ebba puts Tomas on trial.
You don't look towards the rider in front of you but you listen to your horse to make sure that it lasts until the finish line", Tomas explains.
Eventually Tomas wants to go into politics and international relations but, for the time being, says he is loving his life in Wales.
Tomas said even some of his best friends didn't know what he had gone through until the movie came out.
Things didn''t look so rosy for Tomas when the former welder was one of 200 people who lost their jobs when the Air Products factory in Acrefair closed down in 2009.
While Tomas did not originate this genre--the first Abbey geamaireacht, Frank Dermody's production of Micheal O hAodha's Muireann agus an Prionnsa had been staged in 1945 and Taibhdhearc na Gaillimhe had been experimenting with such shows since the 1930s--he was to make these annual Christmastime extravaganzas very much his own.
Tomas Fleischmann remembers his extraordinarily privileged early childhood.
Hurricane Tomas has barrelled through a cluster of eastern Caribbean islands, after passing over Barbados where it knocked down power lines and damaged houses as a tropical storm.
Tomas is a reality star who runs amok with a gun, then looks set to become a new messiah.
Olomouc chief Jiri Kubicek said: "Hamilton thought they could sign Tomas on a free.
One minute Tomas was celebrating his well-earned call-up to the Lions tour to South Africa, the next he is being carried off injured while playing for Munster against Llanelli Scarlets in Cork.
For the past six years, Tomas Ruiz has acted as GAC's sub-agents in Mexico.