Toluidine Blue

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A toxic metachromatic thiazine dye used to stain ‘thick’ sections for electron microscopy, which may cause haematuria due to haemorrhagic cystitis and methaemoglobulinuria. Toluidine blue should be avoided by patients with glucose-6-phosphate deficiency, given their risk of haemolytic anaemia
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Toluidine blue staining: To do this staining, after air drying of smears, they were fixed in fresh 96% ethanol-acetone (1:1) at 4[degrees]C for 30 min and then hydrolyzed in 0.1 NHCl at 4[degrees]C for 5 min.
Figure 3 show the cross section of sciatic nerve stained by toluidine blue to Control Group (a), Polyethylene Group (b) and Sugarcane Biopolymer Group (c).
Treatment with toluidine blue dye showed SPs with polydispersion and variables charged among the fractions co-migrating as UHEP with basis on their respective metachromasy from the agarose gel analysis (Figure 2Aa).
Poly(Toluidine Blue O) film and single-walled carbon###0.001-4c###0.37b###Wastewater sample###[65]
The results of toluidine blue staining revealed that cartilage cells in the tendon-bone interface gradually penetrated into the bone cell areas, which formed a 'bone-fibrocartilage-tendon-like' transition area in the SVF-FG treatment group, whereas the tendon-bone interface was mainly composed of collagen fiber connection, with a small amount of blue cells similar to chondrocytes in the control group [Figure 1]b.
No metachromatic reaction with toluidine blue or cells with active caspase-1 was detected in the skin of the infected fish (data not shown).
Counterstaining was performed using five different stains (potassium permanganate, methylene blue, toluidine blue, malachite green and blue ink) for 45 seconds, each smear being stained by a different dye.
Simple method for differential staining of parafilm embedded plant material using toluidine blue. Stain Technology, v.48, p.247-249, 1973.
FNAC smears performed between 2015 and 2016 were subjected to ROSE by a cytopathologist to check for adequacy of the diagnostic material after staining with toluidine blue (Nice Chemicals) for 1 min.
This study was conducted to investigate the microstructure of the hedgehog's small intestine and mast cell distribution by conventional HE and modified toluidine blue staining, respectively.