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Eduardo, 20th-century Spanish neurosurgeon. See: Tolosa-Hunt syndrome.
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The different observations about the mastitis prevalence in various farms might be due to the differences in husbandry and management conditions in the area and absence of awareness about mastitis which causes severe loss (Argaw and Tolosa, 2008; Khan and Muhammad, 2005).
Bud break at the Tolosa vineyard can start in mid- to late February but picking for red Rhone varieties may not finish until the end of October.
Tolosa, "Periarteritic lesions of the carotid siphon with the clinical features of a carotid infraclinoidal aneurysm," Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry, vol.
Dr Tolosa, acting head of clinical health psychology at University Hospitals Birmingham and at Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, left his home in Cardinal Road, Harborne, at around 7.15am the previous day on his bicycle to go to work.
The peer eliminated the extra form of the verb to be explaining the grammar error with "This is not necessary" and provided the correct form of the verb to be (Tolosa et al., 2013).
aThere is enough proof for the close relation between reforms and convergence, even if the effect of the reforms is not immediately visible,a Tolosa said.
We will settle these discrepancies," Tolosa told a news conference.
On their drive from Tolosa, the grandmother said they had been inured to the sight of bloated bodies strewn on both sides of Maharlika Highway.
in Armenia Guillermo Tolosa, who is completing his mission in the country.
Scioli said many of the deaths drowned in La Plata's distrlic of Tolosa, after trying to take shelter in their cars.