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Eduardo, 20th-century Spanish neurosurgeon. See: Tolosa-Hunt syndrome.
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Police then made checks at local hotels and discovered Dr Tolosa had been booked in at the Apollo.
Tolosa and James Roaf, IMF Senior Regional Resident Representative for Central and Eastern Europe presented in Sofia IMF's publication a25 Years of Transition: Post-Communist Europe and the IMFa.
On their drive from Tolosa, the grandmother said they had been inured to the sight of bloated bodies strewn on both sides of Maharlika Highway.
Despite this elevation in status, one of the main barriers identified by several commentators to the implementation of the Learning Languages area to ensure that 'all schools must be working towards making second language available as an entitlement for Years 7 to 10 [ages 12-16 years]' (Villers, Tolosa, & East, 2010, p.
Water has wiped out [La Plata's] town centre surrounding neighbourhoods such as Tolosa, Elvira, Los Hornos, with as much as 2 meters of water, and people are on their roofs.
Each time the Facebook campaign switched its approach, orders for condoms spiked, Tolosa said.
Tolosa and his older brother, Matt, who dons the tunic of Luke's father Anakin Skywalker, also have visited numerous other location shoots, and are planning a trip to Death Valley, where R2D2 cruised the sand dunes.
To stop over in Toulouse is to follow in the cartoon footsteps of Tintin, who spent the summer of 1940 here following the invasion of Belgium, and Asterix and Obelix, who came to the city in search of the revered sausage of Tolosa.
EDFC's acting public relations head, Tolosa Tesfaye, said that they had formed the coalition after investigating the root causes of their respective crushing defeats in the elections.
Deux temps forts de la Reconquete retiennent l'attention de l'auteur et ponctuent son recit : la bataille de Las Navas de Tolosa (1212) et la prise de Seville (1248) qui ont, traditionnellement, marque des points tournants dans la lutte contre l'envahisseur musulman, en quelque sorte des points de non retour dans une progression vers le sud dorenavant percue comme aussi irresistible qu'ineluctable.
From Tolosa Black Beans to Shrimp Cooked on a Griddle, these are often surprisingly easy recipes home cooks can duplicate with confidence, paired with fine color photos and detailed dialogue on Spanish culture and cuisine.
There is Joel Gott of Three Thieves; in 2007, Valley of the Moon made an unoaked version; long-time wine maker Larry Brooks (Acacia) has a Chardonnay sans oak at Tolosa in San Luis Obispo County.