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Eduardo, 20th-century Spanish neurosurgeon. See: Tolosa-Hunt syndrome.
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Caption: Shade cloth covers vines at Tolosa Winery's Edna Ranch Vineyard near San Luis Obispo, Calif.
Police then made checks at local hotels and discovered Dr Tolosa had been booked in at the Apollo.
This article extends the analysis already published in Tolosa, East, and Villers (2013), where only the feedback by the Colombian participants on the writings produced by the New Zealand ones was considered.
Tolosa and James Roaf, IMF Senior Regional Resident Representative for Central and Eastern Europe presented in Sofia IMF's publication a25 Years of Transition: Post-Communist Europe and the IMFa.
We will settle these discrepancies," Tolosa told a news conference.
On their drive from Tolosa, the grandmother said they had been inured to the sight of bloated bodies strewn on both sides of Maharlika Highway.
Tolosa said that despite many unresolved problems, Armenia has made significant breakthroughs over
Water has wiped out [La Plata's] town centre surrounding neighbourhoods such as Tolosa, Elvira, Los Hornos, with as much as 2 meters of water, and people are on their roofs.
Each time the Facebook campaign switched its approach, orders for condoms spiked, Tolosa said.
Tolosa first described the condition in 1954, in a patient with unilateral recurrent painful ophthalmoplegia involving cranial nerves III, IV, VI and V1.
Las Navas de Tolosa es la primera de tres batallas, una cada ano, que entre 1212 y 1214 jalonan --de sur a norte--el Occidente europeo.
EDFC's acting public relations head, Tolosa Tesfaye, said that they had formed the coalition after investigating the root causes of their respective crushing defeats in the elections.