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Cyril, 20th-century U.S. pathologist. See: Toker cell.
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For a possible application of these distinctions in literary analysis see Toker, Towards the Ethics of Form 2-3ff.
What students will be learning in class goes well beyond this particular conflict," says Toker.
Toker added: "They obviously spent a long while plotting this crime and I doubt they could have kept their plans secret for all that time without telling others about their elaborate scheme.
The implicated cells of origin for primary EMPD include apocrine glands, anogenital mammary-like glands, vulvar Toker cells, or possibly, pluripotential stem cells.
Toker says these findings paint a grim picture, with a worrying rise in the rate of diabetes in the researchers' middle-aged study cohort, which had a mean age of 48.
Melamed S, Shirom A, Toker S, Berliner S, Shapira I.
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Merkel hucreli karsinom (MHK), ilk olarak Toker tarafindan 1972'de "trabekuler tumor" seklinde tanimlanan agresif seyirli nadir bir deri tumorudur (1).
Marijuana Withdrawal After 40 Years" is one senior's exploration of ending his marijuana use, after being a life time toker.
Nigeria, Somalia, and Eritrea, noting that they have been nabbed at Toker town.
Extensive research has shown that job-related stressors and strain can have adverse health effects through several potential mechanisms, such as decreased immunity functioning and poor health behaviors (Melamed, Shirom, Toker, Berliner, & Shapira, 2006).
CHP's deputy chairman Haluk Koc, deputy secretary general Gulsun Bilgehan Toker and CHP's representative in Brussels Kader Sevinc are accompanying Kemal Kilicdaroglu.